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Promax Srl is an Italian company that operates in Industrial Automation since 1991, specialized in CNCs. We take care of both the hardware and the software of our products.

Our CNCs can drive up to 64 axes in different types of buses:

  • Ethercat
  • CanOpen
  • +/- 10 Volt
  • Step/Dir


We entirely develop in-house most of the hardware used in our products. Our CNCs can be combined to be used in different types of machines and in different sectors.

Our philosophy is to fully optimize the CNC for the machine and not the other way around. Therefore our solutions are flexible and economical.

Some hardware products by Promax Srl


The software is also developed entirely in Promax. This guarantees an immediate response to the requests of our customers, to the machine customizations more and more requested in these years. No more machine CLONES, but DIFFERENT machines that the same customers can develop by incorporating their technology that they have acquired over the years and want to protect.

Some hardware products by Promax Srl