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Iso Dr
ISO DR, allows a complete management of NG Series systems, transforming them in immediate way in powerful numerical controls. ISO DR works in Android system Simple and intuitive, it introduces a familiar graphical interface. All the functions are very detailed and comprehensible and can be used both mouse and keyboard, as TOUCH SCREEN systems . Thanks to 3D preview, it’s possible to see the working before it’s running, anticipating in this way eventual programming errors and outside Axis.  High speed in micro- straights working renders ISO-DR particularly apt to work irregular complex profiles generated by CAD/ CAM systems. There is no limitation to the program memory (using the PC RAM) and to the available number of programs (using the PC hard disk). Extended programming with cycles LOOP, IF, mathematical functions, limitless management of variable, jumps to label, working of subprograms stored in hard disk, complex M Functions ISO UDR calculates the profile optimal speed, always guaranteeing the better timing to optimize the working cycle, reducing the speed in the critical points.
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